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5 items Brides should have on their wedding day

It’s your big day and you look amazing, but it has only been two hours and you have a long super fun day ahead of you. I've put together a list to help you look and feel your best.

1. Blotting Powder

Whether you are oily or dry today is different for several reasons. You will want to look your best throughout the day and night because these photographs are forever. The combination of excitement, nerves and all of the social activity will cause an increase in sweat and oil production. Blotting powder is your friend it will absorb oil and fix on your makeup so that you stay flawless throughout the day. A talc free powder with no SPF, this will prevent flash back in photos. My favorite is Cover FX Blotting Powder, this brand is incredible about ingredients and every pore on your face will disappear.

2. Hairspray or bobby pins

Keep your style fresh and in place. If your style requires bobby pins, make sure they match the color of your hair. A small can of smoothing anti-humidity hairspray will go a long way after dancing and hugging!

3. lipstick

Yes, your makeup artist will be applying lipstick on which should last 4-6 hours. Now despite the long-lasting quality of lipsticks these days, oil in food will distort them so keep your signature color with you. Plus, it will be fun to recreate your look on date nights with your love!

4. crushable flats

There is nothing pretty about walking around like a baby giraffe! Your heels should stay on throughout dancing and photos but trust me your feet will thank you if you give them breaks in these comfortable cute flats.

5. deodorant wipes

This is a huge day you will be hugging dancing and we tend to produce higher odor hormones on important days, due to nerves and excitement! Odor is not a way you want to be remembered.

I have included links below to make your shopping a bit easier. I am an Amazon affiliate, in order to remain reputable I personally have tried and own every item listed.

If you are forgetful ask your MOH to take on the task and keep these on hand. But, most of all have a blast and dance to all of your favorite songs!

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